Kappala Bhandham, the site of our latest Good News Miracle Festival, is a village of 10,000 people located amid many other villages.  What a privilege it is to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  On the first night, a precious woman, named Krupamma, was healed of paralysis on the right side of her body.  The paralysis was due to a stroke she suffered six years ago.  Her arm was locked in an outward position, preventing her from touching her head.  Also, she couldn’t lift her leg.  But Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today, and forever, healed her instantly as prayer was offered.

Another lady was carried to the meeting who could not walk or even stand because of paralysis in her legs.  She doesn’t even speak the Telegu language in which the messages are translated.  She only speaks her tribal dialect.  Yet during the third night of the festival she got up and walked slowly!  She returned the following night and stood up when asked if she was in the audience.  (Those who she came with told her in her dialect to stand.)

Of course, there were many other healings.  Jesus is Lord.  Jesus is the Savior and Healer.

On the last night, the attendance grew to 4,412.  There were about 3,279 salvations during this Miracle Festival, as well as an estimated 1,985 believers filled with the Holy Spirit!  Thank you, partners for helping us take this Gospel to the nations.