We are happy to report of a nationwide harvest of souls that recently took place in the nation of Nepal. Global Impact Ministries International joined forces with other evangelists under the leadership of Evangelists John and Martine Smithwick of Global Ventures. In a two week period, 117 people ministered in 8 cities across Nepal, conducting miracle festivals and children crusades, outreaches in schools and on the streets, training church leaders, and distributing water filter systems to pastors. This was accomplished after the turmoil of a major earthquake, the voting in of a new constitution, and during a fuel crisis. God's favor was on us all. When it was all finished, an estimated 150,141 precious souls called on the name of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. This does not include the potentially millions of people who had the opportunity to watch a few of the different festivals via television. To God be the glory!

My part in this wonderful partnership of soul winners was to conduct a 5 night Miracle Festival in city of Dharan, as well as host a 3 day pastors conference. The original plan was for me to conduct a festival and conference in Janakpur. However, the Global Ventures organizers felt it was best to move our location due to the fuel crisis and protests taking place.

We saw an estimated 18,776 people come to Christ at the festival. There were wonderful miracles of healing that grabbed the attention of the crowds. Two of the nights were broadcast on live television to a potential viewing audience of 500,000. In fact, one man came to the festival and testified of being healed while watching the festival from home the night before.

The leadership conference had 111 registered delegates. The attendees were fed daily. They received approximately nine hours of teaching. They were strengthened and mobilized to plant churches. A combined, lifetime goal was set for 8,647 new church plants. May the grace of God be on them to fulfill this important task!

Thank you partners for making these outreaches possible! Souls are being rescued from darkness. The sick are being healed. Pastors are being strengthened. Churches are growing. New churches are being planted. Jesus is exalted!

Moving forward,