Our last three outreaches have taken place in India, New York, and Kenya. And when living faith is exercised in the name of Jesus, He who is the same still saves, heals and delivers.

Nagaland, India

In Nagaland our dear friends, Pastors Kenei and Martha Kiso, hosted a three-night miracle festival. The meetings were marked by the Presence of the Lord. About 201 souls received Jesus Christ as Lord. By the final night the crowd grew to 1,100 people. On that night, many were filled with the Holy Spirit. Entire Muslim families were laying, piled on one another, overwhelmed by the Presence of God, speaking in tongues. Several testified of being healed by the power of God.

New York

Our dear partners, Pastors Rich and Joan Allis and Light of Victory Church hosted a three-night miracle festival. We had a wonderful time in the Presence of God. Five people responded to the call to receive Christ. About ten believers were filled with the Holy Spirit. Several were healed by the power of God of various conditions. Fresh fire and impartations from the Holy Spirit were received by the God’s people. A pastor’s wife and friend of ours was healed in her back where she had pulled a muscle. She ran three miles the following day. Three different people were healed of bone spurs in their heels. One lady depended on shoe inserts and no longer uses them. She is pain free!

One man left his cane behind. Another testified of a healed broken toe and recovered lost feeling in his feet. Others were healed from ringing ears. One man testified of having ringing ears for six or seven years. He’s healed. A young lady, a family friend, was bedridden for 52 days and not able to take care of her child. One night she stood and sang a worship song to the Lord Jesus. Before that she could not even stand. We stand with her in faith as she makes her full recovery.

Marigat, Kenya

In the small community of Marigat, Kenya the gospel was proclaimed with accompanying signs of healing. People were healed of various conditions including ulcers, arthritis, deafness, tumors, pains, a dislocated ankle, and other conditions. The joy of the Lord filled the town of 10,000. By the final night approximately 2,000 people came to hear the gospel. Many received Christ and about 150 believers were filled with the Holy Spirit.

Faith and Fire Leadership Conference

In Marigat we were able to conduct a conference attended by 97 registered leaders. Forty of the pastors were from outside of town, some travelling long distances. These servants of the Lord were hungry for His word and presence. They were strengthened in the faith, mobilized for church planting, and fed daily. Thank you partners for helping us take the Gospel to the world!