Pratipadu, India April 2008! We are excited to bring this report of what God is doing in India as a result of your partnership. The Gospel is advancing and people are being rescued from the kingdom of darkness.

On the opening night, there was a light crowd of 412 people. But the Lord opened the ears of two partially deaf people on stage. By the fourth and final night the crowd grew to 3,802 people.

During the four nights, 4,911 people responded to the call for salvation. On ‘Holy Spirit’ night, about 2,400 were filled and speaking in tongues. Praise God for what He is doing in India!

The attention of Torit, Sudan was captivated by the display of God's love and power through Jesus Christ. After persevering through financial, political, organizational, and other distracting obstacles, Mark and the team saw a crowd grow to about 17,600 hungry souls!

By the end of the festival, thousands of Sudanese had confessed Jesus as Lord! Even Government officials were impacted. Nominal Christians, Muslims, and tribal traditionalists were confronted with the reality of Christ.