December 2005: Bhogapuram, India! Grace to you from the Lord Jesus Christ! We are happy to bring this report to you from the land of the abundant harvest: India! Bhogapuram is a small town of 20,000 people located within a district called Vijaya Nagar. It is estimated that there are at least 400 unreached villages within this district. Bhogapuram was the site of our recent ‘Good News Miracle Festival’ and ‘Faith and Fire Leadership Conference’ with the goal of reaping a large harvest and mobilizing the existing ministers to plant churches in every unreached village.

February 2005: Hyderabad, Pakistan Experiences the Goodness of God! We are thrilled to report to you about the fruit that is growing out of the ministry in Pakistan!

New churches are being planted! Mark was privileged to meet a pastor who had attended the Faith and Fire Pastors Conference in June, 2004. He said that he has planted 10 churches since the conference! He testified that the Lord gave him the vision for planting churches in 1994, but while attending our conference, he was encouraged to DO IT!