Miracles Abound in Putrela, India! It is harvest time! The population of Putrela is 30,000. Over 25 villages surround it. Mark preached under an open heaven and miracles abounded, convincing the multitudes about Christ! By the fifth night of the ‘Good News Miracle Festival’ 14,846 people inquired about following Christ! The new believers received a copy of ‘The Gospel of John’ and are being visited by representatives from the local churches. There were many notable miracles of healing.

One elderly lady fell and fractured the backside of her hip area four months before the crusade. She could not stand up or walk. She crawled on her hands and knees for four months. She stood up and slowly walked.

June 2004: The Message Works in Pakistan! God confirmed His Message of the resurrected Christ with signs, wonders and miracles of the New Birth.

While preparations were being made for the Good News Miracle Festival and Faith and Fire Pastors Conference, Mark was able to minister in 12 church meetings, 2 home meetings and in the open air. In one church, a 65-year-old lady was healed who was paralyzed on the left side for 6 months.

As hands were laid on this precious woman, she began to walk and lift her hands. The miracle had such an impact on her family that 40 of her relatives came to the second night of our Festival!